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The e-governance on one hand has flourished well but in other hand its failures are also abundantly reflect that such initiatives have not yielded good results. Various estimates indicate that 35 percent of total failures, 50 percent are basically partial failures, and overall remaining are 15 percent successes in developing and transactional countries. These failures are only happening due to the gap between the first phase of designing a project and the final phase of implementation. With this unpromising outcomes, e-governance initiatives in the developing countries are somehow grown to a level of recognition among various government agencies. One of the Researcher Heeks and Molla has given the four kind of ICT 4D activity were he highlights that in initial stage the basic major issue is with regards to e-governance was readiness where it was very difficult to implement such kind of initiatives where actually there is lack of awareness, lack of digital divide and minimum infrastructure. As the time now the problem of availability of resources carrying out the e-governance projects came up. Then the people believe that they could avail facilities which they need.

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