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Mr. Chandra Prakash Saud

Entrepreneur/ Social Activist/ E-Governance Researcher/ IT Strategist/ Analyst/ Developer/ Traveller

Chandra Prakash Saud

Mr. Saud graduated in Information Technology  from Sikkim Manipal University, India in 2017 also holds a Master’s Degree in E-Governance and Rural Development from Nepal Open University and Tribhuvan University respectively. He is the Founder/Director of Far West Infotech and Research Center and the Chairman of NSS Foundation. He works as a IT Officer at Government of Nepal Mellekh Rural Municipality. And Fellow member of Center for Cyber Security and Research Innovation (CSRI), Nepal Computer Association Of Nepal (CAN) and E-Governance Society (NeGs). Mr. SaudContinue readingChandra Prakash Saud

E-Governance in Nepal

E-Governance is the implementation of ICT tools. The ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology in the government sectors and department. The central E-Governance is to make government services simple, efficient, accessible, transparency and convenient. The use of E-governance is to overcome the traditional boundaries. That is of a traditional paper-based system. It is the enhancement of current government. And it also helps to provide better government services to the citizen for quick and effective service. Hence, E-governance delivers SMART government. S- Simple M-Moral A-AccessibleContinue readingE-Governance in Nepal

About Me

My name is Chandra Prakash Saud. I have been working as an IT Officer at the Government of Nepal Mellekh Rural Municipality, Achham. I also work as an E-governance promoter, web developer, and ICT policy researcher, System Analysis/ Administrator, IT Architect, IT Strategist, E-Governance Policies & Practices researcher. I have complete my Bsc.IT from Sikkim Manipal University and currently studying Master in E-Governance at Nepal Open University also Master in Rural Development at Tribhuvan University. I have been in the field for nearly 6+ years, and have been loving every minute of it.

Being an IT professional, I enjoy learning about the breakthrough in technology. I attended a professional workshop and certified about ‘new technologies’ and innovations, I have excellent interpersonal skills, which have helped me carry out the responsibility of leading the meetings with clients in my previous projects (HIMS, IMIS,e-plan, e-commerce, IMS, EMIS, System Quality Assurance & system pre audit etc.).”